Chanelle Hayes hits out at rumours that her pregnancy is fake

Slender looking reality TV star defends her tiny baby bump, despite being 6-months pregnant

With just three months to go until the birth of her first child, 22-year-old former Big Brother star Chanelle Hayes has raised eyebrows after admitting that she has maintained her size 8 figure, despite being 6 months pregnant. Stirring rumours of a faked pregnancy, Chanelle didn’t help the whispers after posting a picture on Twitter, with no baby bump in sight.


The side-on picture showed a slender looking Chanelle, making it hard to believe that she’ll be giving birth in 12 short weeks. Along with the photo, the mum-to-be wrote, “I’m still in my size 8s! Come on bump! Grow! Danielle Lloyd and Dannii Minogue look preg…but I look like I’ve eaten pasta!”

Since the photo has surfaced, many have doubted that she is pregnant at all and has faked her pregnancy to draw attention to herself. However, the former Victoria Beckham look-a-like has hit out at the rumours, insisting she is expecting. “I am getting seriously annoyed with the people saying I’m not pregnant. Yes, I’ve suffered from depression but I’m not a raving loon! When my baby is here, I want apologies.” She has also documented her pregnancy food cravings and morning sickness.

Chanelle is expecting a baby with her ex-partner, Middlesborough footballer Matthew Bates, 23.


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