Big Brother star Chanelle Hayes is in the early stages of her 2nd pregnancy.


In addition to battling extreme morning sickness (hyperemesis gravidarum), which caused her to end up in hospital and lose 2 stone, she’s also discovered another side effect of pregnancy she’s not best pleased with: stretch marks on her stomach.

"Not amused with this new discovery ?" she wrote on Instagram, alongside a snap of her baby bump.

"Never got these with [her now 6-year-old son] Blake. Although I am about 15 stone heavier now ??. Stretch mark tips anybody?? #adviceplease"

Chanelle's fans were quick to jump in to the discussion and share their thoughts, with many suggesting that Bio Oil and other lotions and creams would help the stretch marks fade – over time.

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"They will fade, hun. I didn't have any until 3 days before I gave birth. ?? x x" wrote one fan.

"Body Shop Coco Butter: I've had 3 and not got 1 stretch mark," advised another.

"They'll fade, don't you worry! Clarins do a nice stretch mark cream: it's not oily and absorbs quickly," one fan added.

"I don't know if that made a difference to my stretch marks or not but it certainly felt nice rubbing the cream in. Mine were like yours and have now disappeared. Best of luck xx"

Now, we reckon Chanelle's 'stretchies' appear to be pretty tiny.

But it's probably fair to say that many us who get stretch marks – big or small – want to know how to get rid of them (and avoid getting any more).

Here’s our 10 of the best mum-tested stretch mark creams to help you find what works for you (though, we have to say, there is no 100% guarantee anything will stop you from developing stretch marks).

However, instead of working on ‘damage control’, some fans encouraged the 29-year-old to embrace her new ’tiger stripes’ and wear them with pride…

"Wouldn't worry about them. I'm proper proud my tiger stripes xx" one fan shared. While another said, "Embrace them babe! You are growing a little human ???"

"Enjoy them. Show them off. They are glitter stripes to new [beginnings] and unconditional love xxx” wrote another.

And one commenter really dropped the mic: "I used all these things people recommend… [but if you're prone to stretch marks] it's in your genes! Just accept them. You're growing a new life and you're amazing! PS so glad you posted this…"


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Images: Instagram/Chanelle Hayes

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