Chantelle Houghton and Alex Reid reveal baby name

Oh and it’s a corker! Say hello to little baby Dolly


After weeks of speculation, reality stars Chantelle Houghton and Alex Reid have announced the name of their baby girl.


Drum roll please… it’s Dolly Reid!

“We have finally decided on a name for the baby, she’s called Dolly!,” Chantelle wrote in her column for New! magazine.

“It’s actually the original name Alex and I liked in the very beginning and we’ve gone back to it.”

MFM have to admit the name is ridiculously cute, but what was the inspiration for it?

Is Alex Reid a secret fan of Dolly Parton? Imagine him training while rocking out to the classic ‘9-5.’ 

Maybe the couple took inspiration from fellow celeb mum Sheree Murphy, who named her fourth child Dolly.

The Big Brother star admitted it was a struggle to pick a name for their first-born.

“We loved the name Parker but it’s a bit masculine. I thought it was a bit like Victoria Beckham’s daughter’s name Harper,” said Chantelle.

“I really liked Piper as well but I just don’t think she looks like either of them, so I’ve ruled them out.”

Although the name does have the ‘aw’ factor, we’re just not sure if Dolly is grown-up name material. Still… Dolly Reid does have a ring to it!

Chantelle and her fiancé recently introduced their daughter to the world in a magazine photoshoot

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