Chantelle Houghton shares her labour nerves

As her due date comes closer, Chantelle reveals her worries and hopes for a quick labour


Chantelle Houghton is due to give birth to her first child very soon, and it seems the reality TV star is experiencing the normal nerves before labour.


The former Celebrity Big Brother star is expecting her first child with fiancé Alex Reid gives details of her last few weeks of labour in her column for New! Magazine, reports Contact Music.

“I’m so close to giving birth now and I’ve been in a lot of pain because the baby’s legs seem to be pushing against my hip bone,” said Chantelle.

“On top of that, I’m tired and I feel quite sick all the time! I know that I’m nearing the end because my tummy keeps going rock hard,” she explained.

“I was convinced I was going to give birth the other night. I woke up at 3 am and thought, ‘This is it.’ I was boiling hot and felt sick. I was so tired, I was thinking, ‘Please, just one more night’s sleep and I’ll do it tomorrow,” she said.

“I must admit, I’m petrified,” Chantelle said.

“My mum told me I was born within an hour, so I’m hoping my little girl takes after me and comes quickly!”

Last week the celeb mum-to-be shared her thoughts on baby names and confirmed whose surname the baby will take.

Let’s hope the baby comes quickly. We’ve got our fingers crossed for you, Chantelle!


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