Charity launches website to encourage families to reach out to underprivileged children

New Action for Children site helps families contribute to local projects after poll finds parents don’t know how to get involved


The majority of parents don’t know how to help out in their local community, according to a new poll by children’s charity Action for Children. Around 80% admitted concern at the lack of support for local children but didn’t know how they could help. A further 71% wanted more info to help out at local children’s projects and with community work.


In response to the poll, Action for Children has launched a new website that lets you type in your postcode to find out what’s going on near you and how you can help. also has a donate feature that raises funds to buy essentials for needy children.


Duncan Bannatyne, from Dragon’s Den, is championing the campaign. “I’ve had some lucky breaks in my life,” he explained. “I look at my kids and think, ‘Thank goodness I’m in a position to help you’. This isn’t the case for thousands of other bright, funny, ambitious children who need a leg up. I think that is a great idea to help vulnerable children in our communities who really need it.”

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