Charlotte Church bothered by her children being in the press

The singer recently admitted being back in the spotlight means her children are more part of the story

Mum-of-two Charlotte Church has revealed her dismay at the tabloid coverage of her children now she is back with a new album, reports People.


“It’s really tough and … it’s never bothered me so much in the past,” said Charlotte in an interview with a BBC Radio show.  “It’s because the children are involved, it’s because they’re getting worse and worse – there’s less and less truth in it they can pretty much say whatever they want.”

However, Charlotte confesses to opening the press doors to her family life, by posing in Hello! magazine, with Ruby Megan, now 3, Dexter Lloyd, now 21 months, and their dad, Gavin Henson.

“We didn’t want the clamour of the photographers trying to get the first photo because that would have been unsafe.  We put all the money in trust for our children. That’s the only time we ever kind of really courted the press so to speak,” mum Charlotte said.


Having recently split from Gavin Henson, Charlotte is a single mum managing her singing career and two children under 5.  She says juggling her career and motherhood is quite tough, but credits her ability to “be efficient” as the secret to her success.

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