Chelsea Clinton missing her child’s first day at pre-school makes the headlines. Why?

Grandma Hillary also gets a mention for not being there - even though she has pneumonia. Enough already!


Being a working mum is tough – just like being a stay-at-home-mum, but in different ways. 


There’s so much to juggle – the childcare, the stress of the day job and, at times, the guilt that you’re spreading yourself too thin and not doing anything well enough. ?

Add to that the general strains of life – like dealing with a poorly family member – and you might get the gist of what Chelsea Clinton is going through right now.

The busy mum of two under two – she has Charlotte, who will have her second birthday at the end of this month, and Aidan, who was born in June this year – has stepped in to cover mum Hillary’s campaign in North Carolina after the presidential hopeful was taken ill earlier this week.

And as she is Hillary and Bill’s only child, we’re guessing she could hardly turn down an appeal to help on that one.

Being part of the campaign meant Chelsea missed out on little Charlotte’s first day of pre-school in Manhattan. And one British newspaper went to town re-iterating the fact over and over again…


We’re not quite sure why the paper’s mentioned a “village” here – Charlotte’s dad was there for her first day, not a close acquaintance – her DAD – though he was seen on his phone while he took her – shock horror. ?

And there’s even a suggestion that Hillary should have been there. Really? Grandma there on the first day too? And when she’s got pneumonia and is running for the small job of being the next president of America? Hmmmm. (Though we note they don’t ask where Grandad was.)

One thing’s for sure – mums don’t like missing out on firsts – the first time your little one walks, talks, or goes to school. But, it happens to many of us and – luckily – they do these things again, and you do get to see them, albeit a day later than another of their carers. 

We’re pretty sure Chelsea would have loved to have waved Charlotte off for her pre-school debut, but it wasn’t to be – she’s busy helping her mum out in a pretty important situation.

One thing’s for sure – she certainly doesn’t need the papers rubbing her nose in the fact that she couldn’t be there.

Hang in there Chels – you’re one busy mamma right now – and boy (apart from the fact your mum’s hoping to be the next president of the USA) – we know exactly what you’re going through, and we’re with you ✊

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