We’re big Hollyoaks fans here at MFM HQ, so you can imagine how happy we were to see this gorge snap on actress and new mum Chelsee Healey’s Instagram ?


29-year-old Chelsee, who plays Goldie McQueen on the hit Channel 4 soap, looks the picture of new mum bliss as she lays in bed next to her 5-month-old daughter, Coco.

She captioned it, simply: “EVERYTHING ?❤”

And fans were quick to agree – saying it was so cute and beautiful, and commenting on how lucky Chelsee is to have her little one.

It wasn’t long before the bubble burst, though. One commenter snapped: "This is so much danger in one photo ???”

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Wait, what? ??? Is this really SO MUCH DANGER in one photo?

We’re pretty sure the commenter was probably concerned (in a VERY judgmental tone) about the risks of co-sleeping/bedsharing with your under 6-month-old.

(Safe sleeping guidelines from The Lullaby Trust recommend your baby sleeps in their own space, like a Moses basket or cot, without anything like blankets, quilts or pillows around them.)

But there’s no evidence of that here. Coco’s eyes are closed, but Chelsee’s 100% awake. We don't even know how long they've been there.

All there’s really evidence of is a split-second moment of a baby, lying next to her mum, in a bed.

“After this picture was taken she was put straight in her Moses basket,” Chelsee hit back in the comments.

We also reckon the commenter was referring to the fact baby Coco’s got a bib on in bed, too, because Chelsee added:

“Also her bib was still on because she literally just polished a bottle, which I removed once lay down in her cot. “Now please take your know it all comments elsewhere! ?”

Of course, on Instagram and in life, people aren’t always gonna write or say nice things to you. People will judge.

But they should probably get the whole story before they do...

Image: Instagram/Chelsee Healey

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