Cheryl Fernandez-Versini arrived at hospital just one hour after Kimberley Walsh gave birth to meet baby Bobby. The X Factor judge was so excited about the arrival of her Girls Aloud bandmate’s firstborn that she just couldn’t keep away!


"Cheryl was in town so when Justin had texted saying he'd been born, she messaged and said: 'I'm in town, is it too soon?' I was like: 'There's probably a disturbing aftermath but you can come'," Kimberley told OK! magazine.

Cheryl visited the hospital with her new husband Jean-Bernard – but he couldn’t cope with the candid labour talk!

"JB was with her and he said he needed to leave as he couldn't cope – I think there was too much birthing conversation!” Kimberley said. "He told Cheryl that he'd wait for her downstairs which I think was wise as Cheryl wanted to know all the gory details.

"We were all giving full-on details and I could just see JB's face. It was time for him to leave! I fully appreciate it's quite full-on for a man!"

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And Cheryl was overwhelmed by the experience too.

"She loves him! She did look slightly disturbed at the aftermath as she visited about an hour after the birth. I just don't think she could get her head around the fact that Bobby was there," she said. "I think it was a bit overwhelming for her and she cried when she saw him."


But despite welcoming her friend so soon after the birth, it wasn’t an easy labour and doctors were close to sending the 32-year-old for an emergency C-section.

"He’d been in the right position for the last three months but he turned after my waters broke. The obstetrician tried to turn him but he kept flipping back so she made the call to assist with forceps. I’m grateful we got him out with forceps," she shared. "Baby number 2 will probably be an easy one."

But the new mum is pleased as punch with her new family.

"I sometimes just look at Bobby and I’m overcome with emotion as I just love him so much – I’m so happy with my family – my two boys,” she said. "I cried as soon as I saw and held him."

Awww. Congratulations Kimberley!

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