Toddler wets herself after being blocked from using toilet on plane

Was the compensation they got fair?


If you’re the parent of a little one who’s now out of nappies, we’re pretty sure you know that heart-sinking feeling when you’re out and about and she looks up desperately and tells you she needs a wee wee – when there’s NO toilet anywhere near ?


So, we have to say we totally got how grandma Stacey Osmond must have been feeling when, on a 5-and-a-half-hour internal Canadian flight, she was told she couldn’t take her 2-year-old granddaughter Ruby to the toilet.

The pair had been booked to sit near the Business Class toilets on purpose, as it was assumed such a young child might need some bathroom trips (she had been potty trained a few months before).

BUT after one trip to the loo, they were told she wasn’t to use them again. Even though a drinks trolley blocked the way of them getting to the loos at the other end of the plane.

As a result Ruby wet herself, and Stacey had no change of clothes or pull-ups with her. A flight attendant did eventually bring a blanket for her to sit on, but Ruby was in her soiled clothes for the rest of the journey.

Stacey told CBC News: “The second or third time I tried to take Ruby to the bathroom, the flight attendant told me, ‘I can’t have you coming up here anymore.”

“I said, ‘She’s a baby. I was given those seats by a booking agent for that reason, so that she would be close to the bathroom.’ She said, ‘That doesn’t matter, you are not to come up here.’” 

After the flight, Stacey contacted the airline to let them know what had happened – and they sent her a $200 voucher and some toys for Ruby. They also said they’ll give her a discount on her next flight.

But what she really wants, she says, is a full apology from the flight attendant involved.

What do you think?

While we don’t know for sure, we do wonder if the flight attendant was getting pressure from some customers in Business Class to stop allowing the little girl to use ‘their’ toilets. In which case – do you get why he or she might have felt pressure to refuse further trips?

Was it foolhardy to go on a long flight with such a young child not in nappies, without a spare change of clothes or a pull-up?

Or was the whole situation totally mismanaged – and should Stacey get the apology she’s asked for?

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