Childcare vouchers changes – we get your response!

MFM mums reveal their thoughts on the Government's new childcare plans


Following the news yesterday that working parents will qualify for up to £1,200 per year per child by 2015 in a new Government initiative, we asked MadeForMums readers what they thought of the proposed scheme.


The government is promising to help more with childcare costs, and from Autumn 2015 parents will be able to use an online voucher system worth up to £1,200 per child per year. This will mean up to a fifth of childcare costs are paid for by the state.

Initially parents of children under the age of five will benefit. This will rise over time to cover households with children under the age of 12. Find out more about how it will work and what it means for you.

Here’s what mums on our Facebook page thought of the planned scheme…

  • “We both work full time, and have a 10 mth old. I’ll believe it when I see it,” said Deborah Smith via Facebook.
  • “I’m better off getting the 70% from tax credits as my bill for my two is £8151 a year and that’s only for 1 full day and 2 half days,” said Clare Jane Turner via Facebook.
  • “It would help now,  if I could still claim childcare vouchers through salary sacrifice on top. My little one will be 5 when this comes into affect, so we won’t get to see the benefit. But it’s definitly a good idea,” said Lara Smith via Facebook.
  • “It would help a little, but may not be enough for the 2nd parent to afford to work, like the situation I am in now. Also would there be a limit on wages for this? If so, then no it wont help it’s those just over these thresholds for extras that are missing out all the time,” said Lynsey Michelle Smitheringale via Facebook.
  • “Every little helps but my child will be 5 when this comes in – it’s not like Norway where they support parents with free childcare for all! It seems you have children in this country and your career path stops as full-time nursery plus full-time work for the average person is unaffordable once you add on commuting, even with the above. We need a working mother Prime Minister,” said Col Dunn via Facebook.
  • “I am lucky that my company subsidises the nursery fees, but £1,200 per annum is £100 per month – how many nurseries charge that little? If it’s on top of childcare voucher allowance it might help some people; but my munchkin will be at school that year, so it’s no use for me… If only one parent is able to claim salary sacrifice payments at the moment then the family will be better off in the new deal. If both parents currently get salary sacrifice vouchers the family will be worse off under the new scheme,” said Elisa Benson via Facebook.
  • “Call me an old cynic, but isn’t 2015 an election year? The way this Government works, they’ll only get it back in stealth taxes. This will not make anyone better off,” said Fiona McGrother via Facebook.
  • “What about paying mums to look after their own kids? I’d rather spend time with my own child, without worrying about the finances,” said Dairy Free Baby and Me via Facebook.
  • “This is too little and much too late. Most families lost their tax credits last year and so are already suffering. Most parents who work already get childcare vouchers anyway. A nicer thought would have been to offer free nursery provision starting from when maternity leave ends and free play schemes in the school holidays. This subject is very close to my heart – we can’t have another baby yet due to nursery fees which absolutely breaks my heart for my daughter who until she goes to school is an only child. This government has literally done everything it can to make life difficult for young families,” said Rebecca Willis via Facebook.

Here at MFM we would love to hear what you think about the childcare changes. Let us know your thoughts below or head to our Facebook page to join in the debate…


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