Children are becoming mini masterchefs

The popularity of celebrity TV chefs are turning kids into ‘foodies’ and panicking parents


Celebrity TV chefs, such as Jamie Oliver, are inspiring kids to turn into mini kitchen critics, reveals a report today. 


The impact has created a food revolution among school children, with 76% of six -16 year olds claiming to be ‘taste connoisseurs.’ Seasoning such as herbs, spices and garlic are also becoming more popular. 

The survey by Colman’s found that 52% of children are often disappointed with mums’ meals, saying the food is bland and full of boring ingredients. A third of parents are worried that their cooking skills don’t live up to the standard set by the master chefs. 

This comes as a report by snack manufacturer Feasters revealed that school dinners cost more than an average working lunch in London. 60% of teens spend £3.00 or more on their daily lunch compared to London workers paying just £2.74.


Even more surprising is the fact that a basic school lunch of jacket potato and beans, with a soft drink, can cost school children a massive £2.84. 

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