Children bribed to read by parents

Almost 50% of parents struggle to get their children to read books and resort to bribery


Parents are using bribing techniques such as TV, the computer and sweets in order to get their children to read, reports the Daily Mail.


A poll of 1,100 adults, primary school staff and children revealed that 59% of parents and more than 85% of teachers believe that children are more likely to log onto a computer than pick up a book.

More than half of the parents polled said they were worried digital technology was replacing reading.  More than three quarters said their children find it difficult to learn how to read when there are so many distractions available.

A third of parents admit to letting their child watch the TV after reading, while just under 10% of parents say they would give their child sweets after reading.

Nearly 90% of teachers are worried that reading is less appealing to today’s children, and 84 % think children would read more if the curriculum integrated some of the core reading elements on the computer.  However, only 65% of parents thought this.

When kids were asked, many backed what their parents and teachers feared, with 61% admitting playing computer games and watching the TV was more exciting than reading a book.

More than a third of children wished reading books at home was more like playing a game.  Many children in the study said they would like to see more TV characters in books, especially Doctor Who, Ben 10 and Wallace the Gromit.

However, 22% of children said they simply found reading boring.


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