Children more likely to recognise an alcohol brand than food?

Calls for tighter alcohol advertising regulations as survey reveals children twice as likely to know Carlsberg than Mr Kipling


From the age of 10, children are more aware of alcohol brands than food brands, campaigners have warned.


A study of 401 children in Wales by the Alcohol Concern group found that while three-quarters could match fictional characters Brad and Dan to beer brewer Fosters, less than half knew the drumming gorilla was advertising chocolate. The children, ages 10 and 11, were also savvy to spirits, with eight out of 10 knowing Smirnoff was a vodka. Just 41% knew Mr Kipling made cakes.

Mark Leyshon, from Alcohol Concern said, “Research shows that children who are exposed to alcohol advertising and promotion are more likely to start to use alcohol.”

The group is continuing to back a campaign to follow France’s lead, with alcoholic brands being banned from cultural and sporting events, reports the BBC.

UK ministers, who have been under ongoing pressure to alter junk food advertising rules, reportedly believe the current regulations are strong enough. A spokesman for the Department of Culture, Media and Sport said there were already rules in place to limit alcohol marketing being targeted at children. Henry Ashworth, a representative of the drinks industry, reportedly dismissed the survey, saying strict rules are “rigorously enforced.”


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