Children say best thing about Christmas is… presents!

Hardly earth shattering news but poll also reveals youngsters enjoy spending time with mum and dad at Christmas


A new poll has revealed that more than half (54%) of children think the very best thing about Christmas is seeing what presents are under the tree when they wake up. (Only 54%? We would have guessed more like 99%). On a warmer note, 45% also admitted that having both their parents with them all day makes Christmas extra special.


The survey of 2,000 young children revealed what makes them happy is getting loads of quality time with mum, who apparently gives the best cuddles, while 43% say dad is good at making up games. 91% of youngsters love the fact their parents don’t have to work at Christmas, so they get plenty of attention.

The top games that will rival mum and dad’s attention this year include computer games, MP3 players and Lego. A spokesman for CBeebies TV show Waybuloo, who conducted the survey, said, “This research proves that although kids think of presents when they think about Christmas, they do also notice when mum and dad aren’t able to give them as much attention, so getting more of that at Christmas will make for a very happy festive season.”

The top ten gifts likely to appear on your child’s Christmas list this year are:
1.    Games consoles
2.    Computer games
3.    Computer
4.    CD player
5.    Bike
6.    Puppy
7.    Television
8.    Trampoline
9.    Lego
10.  Scalextric


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