Children view unsuitable websites –but turn to parents for support

Parents advised to regularly talk with their children about negative online experiences


Parents have been warned that children are accessing unsuitable material and unwittingly downloading viruses more often than they think. A survey of 2,800 children and 1,600 parents in 14 countries has revealed that around 60% of children have experienced negative online content or activity. But only 45% of parents realised this.


Reassuringly 70% of children said that they would turn to their parents if something bad happened online. Symantac emphasised to parents that they should not only keep tabs on their children’s internet use, but keep an open and continual conversation with them about it.

“What is really important is that especially when they are young, parents should not fall into this ‘everything they do on the internet is private and none of my business’ idea,” said Michael Zwaagstra, who teaches social studies.


The worrying availability of unsuitable content has been a hot topic of ours recently after a survey found that a 3rd of under 10s had seen pornography online. If you’re worried about your child’s internet use, we’ve got plenty of tips to keep them safe.


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