Mums and dads would most like their children to be doctors, lawyers or teachers, a new poll has found.


But the survey by Ipilot shows children aren’t too sure, with most dreaming of a career as a pop star over anything else.

The results suggest young children judge their future careers by their current interests and passions, with a singer, teacher and police officer being their top three future professions of choice.

But it isn’t just the high life kids are after. While one in five did say they wanted to earn lots of money, the majority were more concerned with having a job which makes them happy rather than anything else.

The top 10 professions children want:

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1. Singer / pop star
2. Teacher
3. Policeman / woman
4. Pilot
5. Fashion designer
6. Vet
7. TV presenter
8. Writer / author
9. Model
10. Athlete / sportsman

The top 10 professions parents want for their children:


1. Doctor
2. Lawyer
3. Teacher
4. Vet
5. Writer / author
6. Accountant
7. Dentist
8. Entrepreneur
9. Artist / architect
10. Information Technology