Children who argue with their parents are actually learning

Kids who stand up for themselves during rows with their parents more like to say no to drugs and alcohol in the future, study shows


Surrounded by kids stamping their feet, crying or telling you you’re so unfair? Well, a new study reckons this is actually a good thing!


Researchers at the University of Virginia in the US found that 40% of kids who’d learned to stand up to their parents went on to say no to drugs and alcohol. Those kids who didn’t bother to question their parents also had a similar attitude to their peers and would back down more easily.

So, while you may despair when your kids question your parental guidance and do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do ruling, remember if they can muster up the strength to say no to you, then in other tough situations they will too.

Published in the journal Child Development, researchers note that verbal banter with parents provides kids with a ‘critical training ground’ where they’ll get some great life lessons. Maybe don’t tell them this if you’re hoping to get them to do the washing up tonight, though!


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