Children’s milk teeth wanted to build a Tooth Fairy palace

Kids are being asked to donate their milk teeth to create palaces for stem cell project


Children across Britain have been asked to donate their milk teeth to create palaces for tooth fairies. The call-out is part of an art-science collaboration aiming to inspire the nation with the regenerative potential of adult stem cells.


The spectacular sounding sculpture, which will be made from crystal resin, will glitter as it is decorated with children’s pearly whites.

“Different cultures have different traditions as to where these teeth go, and what they are used for,” said artist Gina Czarnecki.

“The artwork will provide a focus to engage young people with this research and increase awareness, understanding and informed debate about these new biomedical possibilities and their social, cultural and ethical implications,” commented Professor Sara Rankin, from Imperial College London.

Children who send in their teeth will be given a token in return to leave under their pillow. The token informs the tooth fairy of their donation to her palace.

The finished artwork will be on display at the Bluecoat in Liverpool in December 2011 and at London’s Science Museum in 2012.


If your child would like to donate their milk teeth, go to

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