Children’s right for contact with both parents to be strengthened

Government proposals for separating parents emphasise the importance of child welfare


In plans to amend the Children Act of 1989, the Government has put forward proposals that family courts in England and Wales should assume that contact with both parents after divorce or separation is best for children, reports the BBC.


The idea behind the proposals is to encourage parents to try to resolve disputes out of court and arrange care that involves them both. The consultation paper also proposes tougher penalties on parents who ignore care arrangements.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said, “Children should have the benefit of contact with both of their parents through an ongoing relationship with them.”

Children’s Minister Tim Loughton said the change would not, however, give parents the right to equal time with their children.

Campaign group Father 4 Justice criticised the proposals for not ensuring that fathers have the same rights as mothers to see their children.

Spokesperson Nadine O’Connor said, “The last decade has sent the single biggest act of social engineering ever seen in this country, which has seen the systematic removal of children from their fathers.

“This is a catastrophic failure in the government’s duty of care to children and families and will produce the worst economic and social outcomes for our children as a result,” she said.

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