Chocolate Plasticine coming soon…

Magic Chocolate lets you mould, stretch and squeeze your chocolate into whatever you like

…Or a flower with your Magic Chocolate?

The Magic Chocolate kit

You know sometimes PlayDoh and plasticine smells good enough to eat? Well, brace yourselves for the arrival of chocolate plasticine brand, Magic Chocolate, which is about to hit the shelves and yes, you can squish it, shape it AND eat it.


For those whose little ones get messy with chocolate will rejoice, as the Magic Chocolate enables them to play and eat without the dreaded chocolate coated kitchen afterwards.

The creation was dreamt up by a mum and dad duo, who came up with the idea after discovering that their children love making their own chocolate shapes. After coming up with a cunning way of melting and tempering the chocolate so that chocolate creations could be made without having to set or heat it, Magic Chocolate was born!

Magic Chocolate has no added preservatives and is available in white, milk and dark chocolate. The cool kit even comes with anti-baterial hand wipes and a wipe clean activity mat to ensure nothing goes into your little one’s mouth that shouldn’t.


Due to hit the shelves in early July, we’ve got a batch on its way to the MadeForMums offices, so expect a ‘Tried and Tested’ very soon… Yum!

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