Chris Hoy holds his premature son for first time

The Olympian has his ‘fingers crossed’ that baby Callum will make it home for Christmas


Chris Hoy has revealed how he’s been able to hold his premature baby son for the first time. The Olympic cyclist’s son was born last month, 11 weeks early, and has spent his first few weeks in the baby intensive care unit. 


“There’s nothing like that moment when you hold your baby for the first time,” he told Edinburgh Evening News. Chris admitted that his son’s premature birth had been very stressful, making that first cuddle even more powerful. “You’re just trying to appreciate that moment. It’s a wonderful, wonderful feeling when you hold your baby boy in your arms.”

Chris and his wife Sarra have been travelling back and forth to the hospital to spend time with their 5-week-old newborn. “We weren’t expecting Callum until nearer Christmas time and you know he’s doing really well considering how premature he was,” he said. “He’s growing rapidly, getting stronger, fitter, healthier.” 

The new dad added that they still don’t know when Callum will get to leave hospital, but hope it will be around his due date which was close to Christmas. “If we could get him back for Christmas that would be an amazing Christmas present but at the moment we’re just trying not to think too far ahead.

“He’s growing every day, getting bigger and stronger so fingers crossed we will have him home very soon.”

Photo: Twitter / Chris Hoy

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