Being the son of a 6-time Olympic champion cyclist we'd expect baby Callum to get into fitness sooner or later – but the 9-month-old is already spotting his dad in the gym! Ok, so not really but doesn't he look adorable anyway?
"Got a new gym buddy to spot for me," the dad-of-1 tweeted. "Gotta love a boy who coordinates his outfit with his gym equipment," mum Sarra added.


And fans were quick to spot that Callum – who was born 11 weeks premature – has reached an important milestone, by sitting up on his own.

"@SarraHoy @chrishoy sits up better than our baby - due dates around the same time, ours born at term :)," one fan tweeted. And Sarra was thankful for the reassurance.


"@markjrussell @chrishoy That's so kind of you to tweet. Ours just learned to do that today :-) Congratulations on your new addition!" she tweeted.

"@SarraHoy @chrishoy thank you! she's almost there, sits on knee but not on flat surface yet- anti-faceplant gym mat clearly the way forward!" the fan replied.

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The 9–month-old has certainly come a long way since he was born 11 weeks early last October. Chris tweeted that he was "amazed" and "shocked" by his baby son's early arrival at the time – he arrived just 29 weeks into Sarra's pregnancy.

"Amazed, delighted & a little shocked to announce the birth of our beautiful baby son, Callum David Robert Hoy! Born at 29 weeks," he tweeted. Chris shared the above photo of Callum in intensive care with a tube for feeding at just 3 weeks old.


But despite his rocky start, now Callum is full of beans – as you can from these pictures of him visiting the golden post-box in Edinburgh that marks his dad's Olympic achievements. "Callum getting a golden tour of Edinburgh yesterday with @SarraHoy! :-)," Chris tweeted.

Photos: Twitter / Chris Hoy and Twitter / Sarra Hoy

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