Chrissy Teigen keeps 7-month-old Luna’s umbilical cord… where?!

The Sports Illustrated model made the revealing confession during a new interview...


Many of us like to keep our little one’s umbilical cord.


Some people like to turn theirs into pieces of art – while others prefer to make jewellery from their cords as a memento.

But 31-year-old mum of one Chrissy Teigen has gone for something a little bit different.

The model, who gave birth to baby Luna Simone in April 2016, told Cosmopolitan Australia she keeps hers in her wardrobe.

But it seems she didn’t expand any further on her comment, or give any explanation why, even though that’s exactly what we want to know.

Why the wardrobe? How’s it being stored? Has she already turned into a keepsake? If so, what did she pick?

We guess it’ll remain a mystery…

One thing that won’t remain a mystery though is Chrissy’s thoughts on the changes you face down below after giving birth.

In the same chat with Cosmo, Chrissy revealed:

“You don’t think about the ripping.

“When you’re holding your baby, you don’t realise they’re sewing you up.”

And this was one topic she DID elaborate on…

“There’s this thing called the ‘Daddy Stitch’ – they do an extra one for daddy.”

Erm… yep.

Images: Instagram/Chrissy Teigen

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