Chrissy Teigen opens up about her first-time mum worries

The mum-to-be admits she's 'truly never been alone with a kid'


As Chrissy Teigen’s due date approaches, it seems the comforts of riches and fame make no difference when it comes to those new mummy nerves.


She’s admitted that the jitters surrounding having a baby are beginning to grow (she’s set to give birth in April) especially as she’s “truly never been alone with a kid before”.

In a really open and honest (as she usually is) interview with Self magazine, Chrissy also confessed that she’s pretty unpractised in the nappy stakes, too, saying: “I don’t think I’ve ever changed a diaper! I’m like, how many times a day do they go?”

Despite the little worries she might be having, we think she still looks beautifully relaxed in the most recent Instagram pic she shared – of herself and hubby John Legend chilling out on the sofa together:

Awww, things look so and quiet and peaceful there right now, hey?

Yep, guys – things are about to change…but try not to worry too much, Chrissy, it will be awesome.

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