Christmas ad season is well under way now, with perhaps the last of the big hitters - Sainsbury's - releasing theirs online last night. And it's a CRACKER.


The 3-minute ad features a new story about the oh-so-cute Mog the cat, and we have to say, we reckon it tops the John Lewis offering this year.

In case you haven't seen those - or the others yet - here are the top Christmas TV ads out so far. And you tell us - which one is your favourite?


Judith Kerr's adorable cat Mog is causing mischief and mayhem in this stunning ad, Mog's Christmas Calamity. Yes, the turkey gets burnt and Christmas dinner is in fact totally, utterly ruined. But ultimately Mog's a hero. Even people who don't love cats can't fail to love this. Definitely the winner for the MFM team. Back of the net, Sainsbury's!

John Lewis

Ah, the ad the others want to beat. This year the store has taken Christmas to the Universe and beyond with its moon-themed ad and a beautiful Norwegian re-working of the very well-loved Oasis track, Half The World Away. Yep, moist eyes for us John Lewis.


Waitrose has gone down the giving-you-a-great-big-Christmas-hug route, showing lovely wintry scenes and a gorgeous candlelit home full of the happiest family you've ever seen and some yummy looking food. We feel all snuggly!


Morrisons has kept it low-fi with no Ant & Dec, and instead a handmade Christmas theme, which is a really nice showcase for its Christmas range. Simple and cute.


Asda's gone for full-on nostalgic fun - the office party, dancing all night dressed as Santa and light-up reindeer antlers. What more could you possibly want? Up there as one of our faves this year. Classy in an ironic way (ie not at all). No space travel but we don't mind a bit...

More like this


Aldi brings a touch of The Sound of Music to its Christmas ad - using My Favourite Things as the soundtrack. The visuals are lush and very appetising, there's a woman skating on a Christmas cake and a sad melting snowman.

TK Maxx

A lovely heartwarming ad that reminds us to love our neighbours at Christmas - just buy that extra gift and you could make someone really happy come December 25. Awww.


Anyone who's ever had a Mulberry bag for Christmas (ummm, that's be none of the MFM team) might well know the excitement that comes with it. This brilliant ad riffs on the original Christmas story with 'Jo' giving his girlfriend the 'miracle' gift and a whole host of guests coming to visit and look in in wonder. Love this. We're not expecting one for Chrimbo though. Boo...


Lidl has produced a really fun ad which invites you go to to its School of Christmas where you can learn how to make the perfect sandwich with leftovers (handy), how to handle your reactions when you get a disappointing present (vital), and (drum roll) how to unravel the Christmas lights (you NEED this)! Fun.


We were in two minds to even include this one if we're honest - after all it's been dubbed by many as the "ad that ruined Christmas". Yikes. So do be warned - you might not want to watch it with little people about...

What do you think?

Which Christmas ad do you think is best this year? Tell us in the comments below.

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