A new mum sparked quite a debate recently when she revealed she'll be charging her family members for Christmas lunch this year.


Justifying the fee, Leah Wright, from South London, said:

"The reason behind it was the fact that we’d just had a baby, I was on maternity leave, and the only reason we chose to host Christmas was because we felt we had the biggest amount of space and it was important to us to have both his and my family in the same space."

Now, when we shared the story - from The Sun, on our Facebook page - we had an abundance of comments.

Many of you saw it as quite sensible, like Courtney P, who said: "Too many freeloaders pop out of the woodwork at Christmas expecting free food and drink whilst being waited on hand and foot!

"They don’t stay behind to clean up the mess either! I personally don’t have the balls to ask people for money so good on her!"

Though lots more of you thought the more, errr, polite (perhaps) way to go about things was to ask for guests to bring food.

"Why doesn't she just ask everyone to bring a dish? Duh!!" asked Wunmi O (we have to say, we think this is a very good point).

But one mum, Annmarie S, having read the article had this to say: "14 adults at £50 a head! Would they really have spent £700 on the food and drink for Christmas lunch?

"Maybe for the whole festive season but for that specific meal?? I mean there’s splitting the cost and then there’s making a profit off your own family!"

? ? ?

Now, when we re-read the the article we saw that the final amount isn't £700 - Leah's charging £50 per couple not per person - so she'll be getting £350.

Even so, we did think Annmarie's comment brought up a really interesting point: if you're making a profit on the Christmas lunch - then that's really not cool.

In fact - we'd say you should make it a rule definitely NOT to make money from your rellies on the Chrimbo dinner ?

What do you think?

Would you charge relatives for a festive meal at your house, or do you think it's totally out of order? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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