Christopher Biggins brings kids a taste of Australia with new book and app

Panto star Christopher Biggins voices new storybook and app, set Down Under


As a former King of Jungle it was only a matter of time before Christopher Biggins would find himself back in Australia – but this time he’s flying in style.


Brand new storybook series and app Myro, The Smallest Plane in the World! tracks the journey of Myro the plane as he gets in scrapes and mishaps in and around the outback. Kids can read the lively coloured books, or listen via the app or audio books as Christopher Biggins narrates each delightful story. Tech-savvy kids can even record their own narration and watch and listen back on the interactive app. Prompts to tap characters and scenes allow kids to awaken new sounds as they go, too. There are also extra games to unlock and the chance to add extra stories to your Myro collection.

Biggins told us, “Kids will love Myro, especially the boys. He’s such a lovable character, I really do think he’s brilliant. Children will learn so much about Australia as they read or listen along to the story.”

As a big fan of panto and getting kids into theatre, Biggins has also been helping in the production of Myro on stage. “I just can’t say enough about getting kids into theatre, it’s so important to get them interested when they’re young.”

When asked if he thinks kids should be prompted to read the book rather than use the app, Christopher said, “I think iPads are fantastic. I couldn’t live without mine now. I think they’re a great tool for families and really do encourage kids to read and get more involved with the characters. I see families with them when they travel, they’re great and get the whole family involved!

“Myro works brilliantly on the app as you get to add all the sounds, too. It really brings the whole thing to life.”


You can download the iPad/iPhone story apps from the App Store, The audio story books are available from Waterstones and Amazon.

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