Cigarette smoke in your clothes could harm your baby

Report warns parents of the danger of third-hand smoke


Cigarette smoke that lingers in cars, clothes and homes is just as dangerous as smoke coming directly from a cigarette or pipe, according to a new report.


Experts warn that even if parents don’t smoke around their children, the ‘third-hand’ smoke that remains in the environment, such as in clothing, carpets, and car seats, could put their child at risk of cancer of developmental problems.

“Toxic particles in cigarette smoke can remain on nearby surfaces long after the cigarette has been put out, meaning the sofa is potentially as problematic as the ashtray itself,” said Professor Jonathan Winickoff, leader of the study at the Massachusetts General Hospital, USA. “Parents who smoke should be aware that when they cuddle or hold a child on their lap, they are exposing them to the smoke on their clothes.”


Giving up is the only guarantee in preventing children’s exposure to third-hand smoke but experts also suggest filling the house with green plants to freshen and remove toxins from the air, wash smokey clothes before coming into contact with children and cleaning furnishings regularly.

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