Claire Richards loses 5 stone to get pregnant

The former Steps singer was struggling to have a third baby and has taken her doctor's advice to slim down


Looking at new pictures of Claire Richards, it might make you wonder when her latest fitness DVD will be out. However, we should put away our cynical heads as the former Steps singer has explained she’s lost the weight because she wants another baby.


The mum-of-2 had been a size 8 in her popstar days and went up to a size 20 after the band split and she had her children. When she tried to conceive a third child, she struggled and the doctor advised her to lose weight. She’s since managed to shed 5 stone and has gone down to a size 10.

“The reason I’m this size is that I want another baby more than I want cake,” she told Closer magazine. The 37-year-old has children Charlie, 7, and Daisy, 5 with husband Reece Hill – but wants another child. She says the doctor warned her if she wants to conceive naturally, she’d need to get to a healthy weight and maintain it.

“I had no idea being overweight was causing my fertility problems,” she said. “We’ve talked about IVF – which I’m beginning to fear might be our only hope – but I’m not sure yet if I want to put us through what could be a lot of heartache for nothing.”


Last year Claire insisted she doesn’t have the “secret” to staying slim, according to the Daily Mail. “I clearly haven’t, because I’ve been up and down so many times,” she said. “This time there is a personal reason [for my weight loss] and it is something extremely personal to me but my husband Reece and I we decided that we want to try for another baby. Me being overweight was causing us a lot of problems so I went to see the doctor and he advised that I lose weight.”

In her autobiography All Of Me: My Story Claire admitted she has an “emotional connection” with food. “Food for me is almost like a drug – I get an instant gratification from it, but it doesn’t last very long,” she wrote. “So then I have to find the next thing to eat to satisfy my craving. You could compare it to being a drug addict or an alcoholic.”

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