Claire Sweeney: ‘My baby’s NOT called Walton!’

Actress Claire Sweeney gives birth to baby boy – and finds herself in the middle of a huge Twitter baby name mix-up


Claire Sweeney has given birth to a baby boy and, although there’s no word yet on her final baby name choice, we know what he’s not called: Walton!


Claire’s friend Pete Price, a DJ at Liverpool’s Radio City, tweeted that Claire had named her little boy Walton. “My dear friend Claire Sweeney has called her new baby boy Walton. I love it,” he said. But he later followed his tweet up with confirmation he was only joking: “I love Claire Sweeney’s sense of humour about the baby’s name,” he tweeted. “I rather liked the name Walton.”

But, by then the tabloids had already published stories announcing the baby’s name as Walton, so Claire herself had to step in to clear up the confusion. “Our little boy is not called Walton,” she tweeted. “His name is to be decided.”

The 43-year-old had previously said she’d name the baby Gabriel “because he’s my little angel”. But it looks like we’re all going to have to wait for a while longer to find out if she’s going with Gabriel or not.

The former Brookside actress had her baby by elective C-section, following advice from her doctors. She’s vehemently denied that she was “too posh to push”, saying, “It’s on medical advice for a number of reasons, including my age and the fact that he’s a breech baby.”

“Less than 24 hrs till I meet my little man!” she tweeted on Sunday, as the day of her baby’s planned birth drew near.

Claire split from her former fiancé, and her baby’s father, Daniel Riley, earlier this year. But she said he was “wonderful” during her pregnancy and that he’s “here by my side supporting me”.

Congratulations both!

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