Clarks shoe expert offers Suri Cruise advice!

Tom Cruise thinks it’s ok, but foot fitting guru Bob Hardy believes that the celeb toddler’s high heels are dangerous

After sparking a huge debate amongst parents when she was spotted wearing high heels at the age of three, celeb tot Suri Cruise is thankfully yet to start a mini-heeled craze amongst other celebrity toddlers despite dad Tom Cruise deeming it as ‘normal’.


Talking to GMTV, the actor defended his 4-year-old daughter’s choice of footwear. “In Spain, they wear the (high-heeled) flamenco dance shoes from birth,” he said. “I believe that she should wear whatever she wants to wear. She dresses herself. I want to encourage her creativity and her own self-expression.”

The high-heeled wearer has been spotted on various occasions wearing her favourite sparkly party shoes – even in the rain. However, Clarks foot fitting expert Bob Hardy thinks that even though Tom thinks it’s not harmful, the effects of high-heels on youngsters can cause long term foot problems later on in life.

“Children’s feet are made up of pliable bone that is not yet fully formed, which unfortunately means that they’re prone to being bent out of shape without parents even knowing,” he advised. “Unsuitable or badly fitting shoes can prevent natural growth and cause discomfort, leading to health problems that could adversely affect a child’s walking development.”

If Tom Cruise still isn’t convinced, the Clarks expert has even offered to fit Suri with properly fitted party shoes! “We urge all parents to get their children’s feet expertly measured and fitted for shoes.”


For more tips and advice on how to buy the perfect fitting shoes for your child, check out MFM’s shoe guide.


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