Coaching for businessmen offered to parents

Struggling mums and dads offered life-coaching classes from the business world, as jobs are “more similar than you imagine"

Life-coaching classes, usually aimed at businessmen, are now being offered to struggling mums and dads, reports the BBC


The coaching programme, called Parent Gym, hopes to help mums and dads gain confidence when tackling the important job of being a parent.

The classes are usually given to business people looking to improve their interpersonal skills, but organisers claim that the roles of running a business and being are parent are “more similar than you might imagine”.

“Essentially we are all very much the same whether we are high-powered workers in the city or parents at home with our children,” said programme founder Octavius Black.

“They are much more similar to each other than either would ever imagine.”

Octavius also explained that like workers, mums and dads will be faced by what psychologists call “impostor syndrome” – where you are convinced it’s only a matter of time before your colleagues, or children, realise that you’re not up to the job.

“As parents we compare ourselves with other parents, but we only see the other parents at the school gate or at a birthday party.

“We don’t see them when they are tearing their hair out trying to get their child to do something,” said Octavius.


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