Coleen and Wayne Rooney host 4D ultrasound party

Celeb parents-to-be invite relatives to watch the baby scan live!

Many proud parents-to-be show off their unborn baby to family members with a photograph, but the Rooneys’ went a step further and decided to show off their unborn baby in the womb – live on a 4D ultrasound machine!


Pregnant Coleen Rooney and her husband, football striker Wayne, both 23, decided to throw the ‘scan’ party for close family at their home in Prestbury, Cheshire. A sonographer set up the machine and carried out a 30-minute scan of the baby in full view of everyone.

“Coleen and Wayne couldn’t wait to show off baby Roo. The 4D scanning machine gives a really clear picture. You can see all the baby’s features and movements – you would have even been able to see if it’s yawning,” a source revealed to the Daily Mail.

Hiring a 4D ultrasound machine with a sonographer in tow is thought to be around £300.


Coleen and Wayne’s baby is due in late September but there’s no word on the baby’s sex. Coleen has announced via her coloumn for a weekly glossy that she’ll be having a natural birth and indeed is not ‘too posh too push’.


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