Coleen Rooney and boys in Twitter row for supporting Wayne in Brazil

Kai and Klay wear England shirts for their dad unaware of all the attention on the Rooneys


Coleen has taken her boys Kai and Klay off to Brazil to support their dad Wayne Rooney in the World Cup. On their way, Coleen couldn’t resist sharing a selfie with her boys in their matching red England shirts.


“We’re off!! Come on England!!” she tweeted.

But not everyone was pleased to see the photo. Just as Wayne has faced a barrage of angry tweets following England’s first match against Italy, Coleen and his sons have been targeted too.

“Dragging a 4 year old and a baby half way around the world… just so you can get another holiday,” one Twitter user responded.

But Coleen didn’t take the criticism lying down.

“Why are people so thick!!! So we can support and see our daddy/husband,” she responded.

What do you think? Should the boys be in Brazil to support their dad? 

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Photo: Twitter / Coleen Rooney 

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