Coleen Rooney shows off her ‘bump bowl’

Is this the new way we should be commemorating pregnancy?


Here at MFM HQ a few of us have nodded ferociously in agreement at the fact we avoided being in photos when we were pregnant.


It’s not that pregnancy doesn’t look absolutely stunning – it so can, and often does – it’s just that some of us, at least, felt a bit awkward about our newfound roundness and weren’t always quite feeling our best when we were expecting.

So we love this idea to commemorate your pregnancy instead of a picture. Coleen Rooney, who gave birth to her third son, Kit, at the end of January, has shared a photo on Twitter of what we think is a really stylish bump cast – or bump bowl – which includes Kit’s full name, date of birth and weight when he was born.

Loads of Coleen’s followers thought her bump cast was fab, with one calling it “a lovely and sentimental keepsake” and others saying it was “beautiful” and “very cute” – though one, admittedly, found it a “bit weird”. 

But we’re going with lovely.

If you’re interested in having one done yourself, they cost about £80 and are usually done at around the 36-38 week stage.

Oh – and in case you’re wondering exactly what’s involved – take a look at the video below to see just how they’re made.

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