Colin Farrell’s son misdiagnosed with cerebral palsy

Actor Colin Farrell reveals how his son suffers from Angelman syndrome

Colin Farrell has revealed that his son, James, 7, is obsessed with water – a fact that helped doctors correctly diagnose him with a neuro-genetic condition called Angelman syndrome. James was initially diagnosed with cerebral palsy, but his fascination with water made a curious medic take a closer look.


“James is kind of obsessed with water. He’s not a great swimmer but he just loves being close to it. It’s one of the characteristics of the condition that he has. The doctor saw him one day and asked whether he’s been tested for Angelman syndrome. We didn’t even know what it was,” Colin said.

“If James gets upset at home I can get a pot and put some water in it. It’s really beautiful because water is such a pure element,” Colin said, explaining how water has a calming effect on James.

Angelman syndrome is a neuro-genetic disorder characterised by intellectual and developmental delay, sleep disturbance, seizures, jerky movements (especially hand-flapping), and frequent laughter or happiness.

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