Move over Katy Perry – Colin Farrell is the new star on Sesame Street!

The former hellraiser makes his unlikely debut on the children's show - and manages not to get banned, unlike Katy Perry...

After the the recent banning of pop star Katy Perry from Sesame Street, due to her risque outfit choice, you’d think the producers of the hit children’s show would have chosen their next celebrity guest with caution.


However, the creators behind Elmo and Big Bird decided to ask no other than former hellraiser actor Colin Farrell

Despite his colourful reputation, the 34-year-old dad-of-two was picked to film a stint alongside Elmo and Murray the Monster to investigate the word ‘investigate’. The actor, famous for his partying ways and penchant for swearing outbursts, behaved himself and made a good impression on Murray the Monster after the fuzzy haired puppet called him “tall and handsome” and “pretty smart”.


However, at least Colin’s appearance managed to make it on air! May be next time Katy!

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