Coronation Street raises awareness of pregnancy DVT

Corrie character Claire Peacock loses baby as show highlights blood clot risks

The ITV soap featured a tragic miscarriage storyline last night when young mum, Claire Peacock played by actress Julia Haworth was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis (DVT),  which was sadly followed by a miscarriage.


Some pregnant women face an increased risk of developing blood clots whilst pregnant due to their circulation becoming slower as a reaction to the surge of pregnancy hormone progesterone.

Coronation Street’s bubbly red head has been put through her paces over the last few years with storylines including post natal depression, kidnapping of her child and an adulterous husband – now she battles DVT and a miscarriage of a baby she didn’t know she was carrying.

The dramatic storyline, has been supported by charity AntiCoagulation Europe who believe that the programme is right to highlight this condition.

“It is estimated that 1 in 100 pregnant women will develop a blood clot so it’s so important that all pregnant women are aware of what they can be doing to reduce the risk, explains Eve Knight, Chief Executive of AntiCoagulation Europe. “If viewers are worried about blood clots they should speak to their GP or nurse.”

Find out more information on DVT and what you can do to prevent it or how to spot the signs or visit the AntiCoagulation Europe website


Image by ITV/ Coronation Street


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