With just a few weeks to go, the couple who met on the set of Coronation Street, have yet to pick a name for their daughter. “We’re rubbish,” Lucy-Jo told the Daily Mirror. “We had a shortlist and then scrapped it. We don’t really like the traditional names – but we don’t want a crazy one either. I just hope when I see her I’ll know!”


She told the newspaper that her husband, Alan Halsall, turned into a big “softie” during her pregnancy. “I screamed when we found out the baby was a girl, but Al cried. I’d only seen him cry once before – on our wedding day. Then he got teary again during the 4D scan he bought me for my 30th birthday. We were in awe, it was very emotional – we could properly see her, she even has my lips! He’ll definitely cry at the birth. It’s like he’s tapped into an emotion he didn’t have before. He sits next to me and puts his head on my bump.”

Lucy-Jo, who played troubled Katy in Coronation Street, suffered from morning sickness in the first trimester. Since then, she says she feels great and attributes that to her healthy eating and exercise regime.

“I’m really enjoying it all. I’ve embraced my bump and wear tight dresses to show it off. I’ve thought about what I should be eating and keeping fit. I do half an hour of yoga most days and walk the dog. I’ve put on two stone.

“I’ve always liked eating right and going to the gym. I haven’t done diets since the Corrie days. I’m slimmer just eating healthily – denying myself food made me want it more. When I was being sick I gave into my cravings for boiled potatoes and bread because that is what my body needed. Since then if I want a pizza, I have one, but generally I eat healthily. I’m carrying my little girl; I want her to get the nutrients.

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“You shouldn’t need to eat for two – at this stage I just need 200 extra calories a day, and that’s a bowl of yoghurt with berries. To help manage my weight and satisfy sweet cravings I’m eating naturally sweet foods like strawberries and blackberries. They provide good nutrients, particularly antioxidants.

“I’m a vegetarian and I’ve had some anaemia during the pregnancy — berries are rich in vitamin C too which boosts iron intake.

“A lot of pregnant women aren’t getting advice on what to eat, how to exercise. And putting on too much weight isn’t good for the mum or baby.”

She has even encouraged Alan, who plays Tyrone on the soap, to eat better. “Alan and I are eating salmon, stir fries, fajitas, jacket potatoes. When we met his diet was appalling – chip butties and pizza – but I introduced him to good food. He’s slimmed down because of me!”

The couple got married four years ago and this is their first baby.