Corrie’s Alan Halsall and Lucy-Jo: first baby pics

Lucy-Jo shares story of her "extremely painful" 25-hour labour


Coronation Street stars Lucy-Jo Hudson and Alan Halsall have shared photos of their baby daughter, Sienna-Rae.


Lucy-Jo, 31, tweeted the image, which was the cover of OK! Magazine, with the words “Meet my world.”

Sienna-Rae was born in September and the Coronation Street stars say that it feels “really natural” to be parents.

After Lucy-Jo’s Twitter feed was flooded with compliments, she replied: “Awwwww thank you so much! Can’t believe how many compliments I’ve had about my baby girl. Didn’t think I could get any prouder xxx”

Lucy-Jo said her “extremely painful” labour lasted for 25 hours but, immediately after the birth, she forgot the pain. “It’s the miracle of life, isn’t it? I had a bump, then I had a baby. It’s just amazing,” she told OK! Magazine.

Alan Halsall, who plays Tyrone Dobbs in Corrie, added: “Once I saw [Sienna] on Lucy’s chest, and I could see she was breathing, and that Luce was alright, I broke down. I got a photo of Sienna at about 30 seconds old and I cut the cord.”

The pair took baby Sienna onto the set of Cornonation Street, where she was so popular that she stopped production. “We said we’d go in for half an hour and we were still there three-and-a-half hours later. Production stopped!

“Everyone loved her. Andy (who plays Kirk Sutherland), Samia (who plays Maria Connor) and Jane (who plays Leanne Tilsley) all met Sienna, and without a doubt, Michelle (who plays Tina McIntyre) is the broodiest! She became an auntie the same week, so I showed her all our photos and went into great detail.

“A lot of the lads at work – Chris (who plays Peter Barlow) and Simon (who plays Steve McDonald) – said it would change my life, but I didn’t get it until it happened. I told them that I absolutely get it now!”

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