Corrie’s Samia Ghadie uses chocolate to find out her baby’s sex

Actress reveals unusual use of treat during 20-week scan!


Coronation Street actress Samia Ghadie has revealed that she and fiance Sylvain Longchambon found out they were expecting a baby boy thanks to a bar of chocolate.


Samia, 32, who is already mum to 5-year-old Freya, found out her baby’s sex at her 20-week scan. 

It would seem in typical stubborn baby mode, her little boy is already only doing as he’s told if there is something in it for him. Samia told OK! magazine that at first, the sonographer couldn’t tell the sex because of the baby’s position. She suggested Samia had a fizzy drink or some chocolate in the hope that the sugar rush would make the baby move. And it did.

“I had a bar of chocolate and I think the sugar might have just made the baby move around,” she said. “At the end of the scan they got me to move around and the baby moved again. It was quite obvious we were expecting a boy.”

Samia said that she was particularly delighted for Sylvain who will no longer be ‘outnumbered’ by girls in his family. She revealed that she and Sylvain have known their new baby’s sex since her 20-week scan, but wanted to wait a while before sharing the news.  

The happy couple first met in 2013 when Samia appeared on Dancing on Ice. Samia had previously been married to property developer Matthew Smith, with whom she had little Freya.  Samia and Matthew announced they had separated in in January, 2011, and Samia went back to using her unmarried name, Ghadie.

Professional ice skater Sylvain proposed to her back in May, and Samia says it took a while for her to realise he wasn’t joking about getting married! 

“I can’t believe he proposed to me while we were lying in bed!,” she said. “I was so excited and couldn’t think of sleeping. ‘I said: “Are you serious?” Then I said: “Do you really want to marry me?!” He said: “Yes, that’s why I asked you!”‘ 

The mum-to-be also let slip that the pair had chosen a name for their new baby, and that there ‘might be a reference to Sylvain being French’. She then added the very odd disclaimer that ‘sadly, though, it’s not Steve’… o-k-a-y…

How loved up and happy do they seem though?  (And just HOW cute is their new baby going to be?!)

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