Cosatto 3Sixti Highchair product safety notice

Cosatto asks 3Sixti owners to check the screws on their highchairs


As part of its ongoing product safety assessment, Cosatto is asking owners of 3Sixti highchairs to check the screws that connect the chair to the stand.


The product is not being recalled, but mums and dads are being asked to check none of the five screws are missing. If they’ve fallen off, they could pose a potential choking hazard and the seat may come loose from the stand while in use.

If you’re not sure if you own this specific model, or are unsure which screws you need to check, head to their website for full instructions.


If you find the screws to be missing, do stop using the highchair and apply for a replacement pack. If all five screws are in place, Cosatto advises you to ensure they’re correctly fitted and tighten if necessary with a screwdriver.

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