Cost of childcare prevents mums returning to work

Mums rely on grandparents for childcare and 40% blame rising childcare fees for preventing a return to work, finds survey


Families are relying heavily on childcare by grandparents to enable mums to go back to work, finds a survey by Just under half of working parents rely on their own mums and dads to take care of their children while they’re at work.


“This year’s survey shows just how important grandparents are in helping parents get back into the workplace,” said Gillian Nissim, who founded the website.

Mums ranked flexibility as the most important aspect in their jobs but 53% cited the lack of availability of flexible working conditions as a barrier in returning to work.

The survey of nearly 2,000 parents found 40% of mums blamed the cost of childcare for preventing them from working, while 44% of grandparent childminders looked after their grandchildren for free.


If you’re considering returning to work as a mum, find out how to get the most from your childcare.

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