Could earlier potty training prevent accidents?

Parents advised to start potty training earlier to give children time to master bladder control before school


Begin potty training at 18 months, rather than the usual 2 years or older, experts have suggested. Children who start learning to use the potty after the age of 2 may be more likely to have frequent accidents when they start school, and develop bladder infections, according to new research.


Parents in the UK are usually encouraged to begin potty training from age 2 but some toddlers don’t show signs of readiness until after this. The concern is that children who wait longer may be at a disadvantage when it comes to starting school, as they won’t have had the time to master full bladder control, leading to more accidents.

Toddlers who rely on nappies for longer may suffer more bladder infections as they can find it harder to fully empty their bladders, the research also suggested.

We know some teachers have complained that busy parents are sending their children to school before they’ve achieved this vital milestone, but it’s also essential to strike a balance and wait until your child is ready. There’s nothing more disheartening for a tot than frequent accidents because they’ve been taken out of nappies too early. Potty training takes plenty of time and patience!

When did you start potty training?

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