Could Santa be a woman? These kids think not

Most of these children don't think a woman would be up to the job


There’s no doubt that in this world of growing gender equality, there are still certain roles that are considered a man’s job – and Father Christmas is certainly one of these. But why is it a job that women can’t do?


Well, a social experiment has shown that old gender sterotypes are still rife amongst children. The majority of those asked didn’t think Mrs Christmas would be up to Santa’s job – giving everything from babies to headaches as reasons.

The experiment, by a creative agency called Anomaly, is trying to encourage parents to talk to their children about gender equality.

So what did the children say? Could a woman do Santa’s job?

“No,” the first children giggle instantly.

“For one she would get lost in the sky,” a boy reasons.

Other reasons included: “I think she will get a headache” and “it’ll be too heavy for a lady”.

However, some of the children seem to think Mrs Christmas would just be too busy to be flying round the world dishing out presents. “If she had a baby then she would be like doing the presents, taking care of the baby, giving it milk,” a girl explains. Sounds like an average mum day…

At least one little boy reasoned that women would be just as capable as men of being Santa.


“Maybe the girl Santa might be one of the strongest ladies in the world,” the boy says. “Girls aren’t any different to boys.”

But this was a rare response.

“What do you think she’d be best at?” the interviewer asks the last child.

“Cooking,” he answers.

How do your children answer? Ask them and let us know in the comments below.

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