When new mum Mel Rymill returned to exercise after having her baby, she wanted to get her core strength back. But her personal trainer's assumption about her post-baby body left a bad taste in her mouth.


"So I had my first session with a PT today and the first thing she said to me was, “Obviously you want to get back to your pre-baby weight."

"It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. And it p****d. Me. Off."

Mel, from Australia, added: "I’m not worried by how my body looks, only how it functions…it can be pretty badass."

So to take a stand against post-baby body shaming, Mel posed in her biggest pants and bra and shared the photo with the hashtag #BadassUndies.

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"So here I am. I may not be magazine ready, my nana undies and bedtime nursing bra are certainly not going to be rocking a runway anytime soon, my hair is greasy, I have no make-up on, my body is squishy and plentiful, I’m not even sure I’m totally ok," she posted.

"But I am strong. My body is healthy. Hell, I am badass as f*ck! Screw what society wants from me. This is what’s on offer."

The hashtag took off with mums everywhere snapping their own selfies and sharing them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

And Mel was overwhelmed by the response.

"Wow! I am amazed to see how the #‎badassundies movement is taking off," she posted. "I really didn’t expect anyone to pay attention to my post but it is so empowering seeing all these awesome people owning their bodies.

"Because we are more than what society thinks of our meat suits."

Photo: Facebook / Mel Rymill

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