Could the Rio Olympics make choosing a baby name that bit easier?

Are YOU inspired by the winners?


It’s well-documented that popular TV shows, movie releases and even books influence baby name choices – so we’re wondering, are the Rio Olympics going to have the same effect for little ones born (or conceived) this summer?  


Experts in the States already reckon that it will have an impact: they are expecting a surge of babies called Simone – after gymnast Simone Biles and swimmer Simone Manuel.

On the programme USA Today, Laura Wattenberg, author of Baby Name Wizard, said that the ‘great role model’ nature of the two athletes and the ‘softer sound’ of their shared name will make Simone ‘hit the jackpot’ with new mums and dads. 

But is the ripple going to be felt over here in the UK? And if so, which names can we expect to be hearing at our mum and baby groups in 9 months or so? 

We’ve rounded up our cream of the competitive crop and had a look at their monikers to see if we can predict any likely future trends.

Swimming stars

  • Adam (Peaty) – currently 39 in the 2014 name charts, up 1 on the previous year (and could it be more trad?)
  • Jazz (Carlin) – not on any data we can find, but we can really see this name creating a splash in the coming months.

Cycling whizzes

  • Jason (Kenny) – was big in the 80s – could JK make Jason fashionable once more?
  • Callum (Skinner) – number 82, down 9 on previous years – could Callum be due for resurgence? 
  • Bradley (Wiggins) – Bradley was mega popular in the 90s – and who doesn’t love Mr Wiggins?
  • Owain (Doull) – alternative spelling Owen already quite popular at 92 in the name charts.
  • Ed (Clancy) – Edward currently 31 in the charts for 2014, and has never really gone out of fashion.
  • Laura (Trott) – no longer in the top 100 after several decades of usage – could Rio be the push Laura needs?

Gymnastic superstars 

  • Max (Whitlock) – Max is pretty popular already – 26th on list in 2014.
  • Bryony (Page) –  Greek in origin, and not that common these days – can our gymnast put it back on the Page?

And let’s not forget our wonderful Mo Farrah – but then his name (Mohamed) is already the 14th, 27th and 56th on the Office for National Statistics data (dependent on spelling).

What do you think?

Have any of our Olympic stars inspired your baby name search?

Or have you taken inspiration from competitors of other nationalities? Or maybe you are even considering using Rio as a name? Let us know in the comments below or over on Facebook.

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