Could we stop bad behaviour before kids even leave nursery?

Kids at risk of going off the rails could be spotted at nursery and offered help early, says government adviser


Nurseries should identify toddlers showing early signs of aggression so they can be given intensive help from expert staff, according to the Government’s discipline expert, Charlie Taylor.


Adviser Charlie said it was easier to tackle bad behaviour among young children because habits were less ingrained.

“If you can see it coming when they are 2 or 3 or 4 or 5, then that’s when we can intervene,” Charlie said.

Charlie’s comments came as he published a review of education for the worst-behaved children in England, commissioned in the wake of last summer’s riots.

Charlie recommends that from the age of 5, the most disruptive kids could be placed in specialist behaviour centres, in order to stop their behaviour escalating.

“Any child can go off the rails for a bit and what we need is a system that is responsive to them and helps them to get back on the straight and narrow,” said Charlie, reports the Telegraph.


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