Council campaign shows toddler eating dog mess

Posters of a toddler eating dog poo make dog owners clean up their act


Six-foot high posters of a toddler eating dog mess have been credited for encouraging dog owners to scoop their pet’s poop in the seaside town of Torbay, Devon.


The controversial posters feature an image of a child eating what appears to be dog muck that she’s found in a playground with the slogan: “Children will put anything in their mouths.” They also warn there is a £75 fine for not cleaning up their pet’s mess.

Since the posters were put up in local bus shelters at the end of April dog mess on the streets has fallen by more than half, from 400 reported incidents in April to 185 in June.


“Dog poo on our streets, parks and beaches looks bad, smells bad, and is offensive to local people and visitors,” says local councillor, Dave Butt. “The poster was rather unpleasant, but helped drive the message home very forcibly.”


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